Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hier Apparel is rooted in an appreciation for organic geometry

The point at which unintended sidewalk cracks and overgrown weeds meet is most commonly a nuisance, one that must be remedied. It is not typically thought of as inspiring or beautiful. Unless you’re Laura Good, founder and designer of Minneapolis-based Hier Apparel.
Indeed, Laura finds these things stirring, rousing, moving.
“I love the patterns, stains and cracks created by the wear and tear of life. The plants which squeeze their way through the side of a building are a soothing reminder that we are not in control and the natural environment always wins.”
Laura’s natural environment ranges from Chicago to Minneapolis. These cities—their sidewalk cracks, worn streets, and wavering streetlights—are reflected in Hier Apparel’s designs. Looking retrospectively at her design history, Laura decides her design ethic is “rooted in an appreciation for organic geometry and its ever-present reflection in modern culture and urban infrastructure.” Laura’s outlook on style and its place within the organic world is no less than refreshing.
Hier Apparel's GRAFF Dress
Photo courtesy of Hier Apparel
Hier Apparel’s GRAFF Dress is a permeable manifestation of an urban atmosphere. Like the rusted steel of a freeway’s overpass, the bleach-speckled panel down the middle of the dress creates geometric appeal. The dress stays true to her focus in design culture, Laura says. “I focus on everyday wearable garments with simple shapes and unexpected details.” She creates the print by hand, so it should be expected that each individual piece varies slightly.
Crafted from cotton twill, the dress is comfortable and can be styled for summer or winter. The neutral-yet-spunky attitude of the dress allows seasonable accessories to complement the guise without looking like a crazed trend zombie.
Hier Apparel's GRAFF Dress
Photo courtesy of Hier Apparel
Simply stated, that is what Laura’s personal style is all about.
Ignore trends. Wear what you like,” she vows.
What recent trends have you ignored? Which trends did you follow, but in retrospect probably should have left on the rack?

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