Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is Minnefasholis?

You see it in Uptown. You see it in the Warehouse District. You even see it over North. In any given neighborhood of Minneapolis you see its inhabitants mirror the eccentricities of their surroundings.
Minneapolis is making alterations to its style status. With trendsetters like Mary O'Regan and Hollie Mae Schultz and designers such as Danielle Everine and Joynoelle (the former will be competing on the coming season of Project Runway) there is a growing spotlight on the fashion scene. MN Fashion Week is no longer the redheaded stepchild of second-rate fashion weeks.

Here we will allow that spotlight to grow. We will help Minneapolis fashion sprout into a supermodel (even if she does have red hair).
Pale Rider
MNFW 2010

Minneapolis. Fashion. Minnefasholis.

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